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Published International/National papers (Session 2016-2017)


1. Innovation of System Biological Approach in Computational Drug Discovery


2. An Era of Changing the Environmental Condition by Green Supply Chain


3. Schizophrenia: Unravelling the Labyrinth of Etiology and Epidemiology

http://www.ijpbs.com/archives.php http://www.ijpbs.com/ijpbsadmin/upload/ijpbs_58fa3d0aa5e49.pdf

(This paper is based on work and analysis by Pragya Singh 3rd Year Biotechnology student)

4. Ex-situ conservation of crops through vertical pink farms

http://www.ijcmas.com/abstractview.php?ID=1961&vol=6-4-2017&SNo=89 http://www.ijcmas.com/6-4-2017/Iqra%20Rehmani,%20et%20al.pdf

This paper is based on work and analysis by Iqra Rehmani 3rd Year Biotechnology student

5. Implication of Eucalyptus tereticornis oil for the Larvidal activity of the malaria vector Anopheles Stephensi Liston


TThis paper is based on work and analysis by Jahnvi Srivastava 2nd Year Biotechnology student

6. Nanoparticle Production Based on Biological Resources used for its Better Supply Demand

This paper is based on work and analysis by Iqra Rehmani 3rd Year Biotechnology student

7. Impacts of Light Pollution on Ecosystem