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Department of Production Engineering (ME)

Production engineering is a discipline in engineering that applies the principle of physical and material science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical system. The curriculum is designed for student seeking to improve their personal competence portfolio in the field of production and management engineering .It will provide the individual with wide knowledge and capability in the planning and production control, machine operations in terms of preparation, programming and machining. Students gain insight into the basic level of production and manufacturing processes. The students of this specialty are required to master basic skills of designing, manufacturing and assembling, debugging die, mould, operating and maintaining relevant equipment..

Mechanical engineers are employed by small start-ups, multinational corporations, government agencies, national laboratories, consulting firms, and universities. They can work in areas of research, design, manufacturing, sales, quality assurance or management.

Job opportunities

They can join organization as Assistant Engineer, Technician, Mechanist, Machine programmer, production controller, Production Engineer, Machine operator, Maintenance Engineer . The goal of production engineers is to complete the production process in smoothest and cost-effective way.


   Engineering Drawing Lab

   Basics of Mechanical and Civil engineering. Lab/p>

   Workshop Lab

   Manufacturing Process Lab


   Thermal Lab

   Mechanics of Solid lab

   Hydraulic Lab

   Production Technology Lab

   Maintenance Lab

Teaching Staff


Prof. Keshav Kant

Professor & Head, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

HOD Message

Department of Mechanical Engineering at Naraina College of Engineering and Technology Kanpur provides quality technical education in various areas of Mechanical Engineering and emphasizes on problem solving ability. The students are exposed to both fundamental and application oriented courses which prepare them academically to handle real life problems. The department endeavors to inculcate among students concern for the environment and the society.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

S.No.Faculty NameDesignation
1. Mr. Narendra SinghAsst. Professor & Head
1. Mr. Narendra SinghAsst. Professor & Head
2.Mr. Alok YadavAsst. Professor
3.Mr.Shubham AwasthiAsst. Professor
4.Mr. Virendra KumarAsst. Professor
5.Mr. Hirendra SinghAsst. Professor
6.Mr. Sumit GuptaAsst. Professor
7.Ms. Pratiksha SinghAsst. Professor
8.Mr. Rajeev KumarAsst. Professor
9.MSs. Niketa SachanAsst. Professor
9.Mr. Manoj KumarAsst. Professor

Non Teaching Staff

S.No.Faculty NameDesignationDepartment
1.Mr. U.S DwivediL.IME
2.Mr. Manish KumarL.IME